Discover the Kingdom's large logistics opportunities, with the highly dynamic sector abounds with unfulfilled potential.

Saudi Logistic Consulting Company
Saudi Logistics Consulting
Strategic location provides numerous opportunities for Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is located at the intersections of important international trade routes. Therefore, the government aims to maximize the benefits of its exceptional geographic position through Saudi Vision 2030 by building a unique region's logistics hub. According to new research, saudi's logistics sector forecast to grow to $60billion by the end of 2024.

Logistics industry in the Kingdom is large and dynamic. it is strongly supported by state-led investments in rail, road, maritime, logistics and airport infrastructures. Private entities and the government are encouraged to collaborate together, as together they can further develop the country's transport infrastucture. Market Research Saudi aims to support market players with the modern knowledge of the advancement in the supply chain and logistics management around the country.

Our logistics advisory services covers Saudi's rapidly growing market across various areas such as digitalization in logistics sector, warehousing, cold chain, and more. At Market Research Saudi, our consultants will help you identify the complex challenges this market presents and guide you to develop the best strategy to enter Saudi's logistics sector.

Our Key Service Offerings

Saudi Market Intelligence

We gain hands-on experience to provide clients with evidence-based insights. Supported by our local marketplace insights, we help clients to anticipate fast shift of market demands in Saudi Arabia and profile potential competitive threats.

Saudi Market Entry

We consider various options and aim to reduce financial uncertainty for clients by providing map of competitors, customers, partners, channels, suppliers and other related market dynamics.

Saudi Competitive Intelligence

We analyse market competition in Saudi Arabia, learn from best practices to avoid costly omissions and reinventions. We make sure clients gain strategic advantage by discovering competitors’ blind spots, leveraging unaddressed opportunities and improving on others’ successes.

Saudi Customer Intelligence

Our team analyses customers’ buying trends for strategic input in new products development, map targeted customers’ demographics and behavior through buyers’ persona.

Our Success Stories

Transforming a Client into a Lifestyle & Entertainment Company aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom had seen radical transformations in an effort to promote tourism spend and improve the quality of life of all Saudi citizens and expatriates.


Our Success Stories

Building a ‘Smart’ Distribution Hub​ in Saudi Arabia

Our team conducted a deep dive on the ‘distribution hub’ set up, which included a detailed benchmarking of key competitors, analysis of price levels and distribution structures.



Saudi F&B Industry
Opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s F&B Industry

Saudi Arabia’s F&B growth will only soar higher, and businesses can take advantage of it as early as possible.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund
An Overview of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is set to prioritize long-term infrastructure, which benefits construction industry players.

Entertainment Industry in Saudi Arabia
The Rapid Rise of the Entertainment Industry in Saudi Arabia

How is the entertainment industry in Saudi changing, and what opportunities lie in its various segments in the local and regional market?

Saudi Arabia’s Online Grocery Market
Saudi Arabia’s Online Grocery Market

What has COVID-19’s impact been on the e-grocery market in Saudi Arabia?

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